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It was lovely to connect with Marie Laure recently and have a chat about her children’s clothing label Le Carrousel. Marie lives and works in France with her husband and four children, where she balances motherhood and the running of her brand Le Carrousel. Marie is passionate about children’s fashion and is creating her line of clothing in the best possible way. Ethically made with an awareness that her company is about more than making money. I was impressed that along with conscious production, Le Carrousel also use some organic fabrics in the range. I adore Le Carrousel for the timeless and elegant clothing, it has style and quality that lasts.

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Q: What is your inspiration to make children’s clothes?
A: I draw my inspiration from my tastes and my environment: a visit in a Parisian Museum, a walk in a park… Recently an exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts about Dries Van Noten fascinated me, I’m sure I will draw some inspiration in this. Obviously my kids are also a source of inspiration in their attitude and their own tastes.

Q: You have four beautiful children, what are the ages of your children? How do you balance motherhood and running your own company?
A: MARTIN 12, LOUIS 10, AMICIE 7 and EUGENIE 5. Indeed I have filled days! I work from 8AM to 5PM almost without interruption, and then I take a break by going to school, doing homework or take them to their activities. I take my work home in the evening to perform administrative tasks, respond to emails, and weekends are often days when I also work! Finally I can count on my workshop spares without trouble!

Q: Le Carousel is designed and made in France. Who sews your clothes and would you say that your items are ethically produced?
A: Yes, it is very important and even fundamental for us! All of our clothes are sewn in France, in Paris, in a workshop that employs five people. At a time when mass consumption and cost is the motif of a large part of the population, I am proud to say that we produce wisely and ethically. I go 2-3 times a week in my workshop to discuss and exchange with my fashion designers. Thus, a strong link exists between us and if I produced at the other side of the world, beyond the paths, that would be a waste time and energy. I couldn’t build our history with this ethical commitment! I know who sews our clothes we offer and how, and I’m very proud of it! Everything is sincere and honest, without pretense.

Q: Do you use any organic fabrics in your line?
A: Yes indeed. For all our tee shirts, dockers and bodies. All the more, all our fabrics are made in France or in England for the Liberty.

Q: In what ways is Le Carrousel (and your family) environmentally conscious?
A: Since Le Carrousel was born and is an integral part of our family, all my children watch the labels before buying. They want quality products, even if it’s sometimes a little more expensive!

Thank you Marie!

Le Carrousel is distributed internationally, or you can purchase directly from Le Carrousel.

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