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There is a cultured creativity and earthiness to Ace & Jig that you will sense beneath the beautiful clothes Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson design. Beyond the perfect color palette, natural fibers and comfortable shapes they decide on each season, you know that at the roots of it all, their clothes are an expression of their souls. It is the desire of many designers to do this, to make and create something that is true and aligned and to ultimately succeed in being themselves. It is when this brilliance happens, we get to celebrate them, and recognize thoughtful and original creations for what they are – authentic connected living. Like many things in life, it is a combination of talent, hard work, smart choices and perhaps some good luck, but before all of that, it starts with a dream.

Inspired by this talented pair and the admirable achievements with Ace & Jig, I was interested to know a little about past dreams, dreams they have for the future as well as dreams that they have let go of. It was a pleasure and honor to connect with Jenna and Cary and I hope you enjoy this honest and humorous glimpse into the amazing women behind Ace & Jig.

Cary Vaughan

I spoke first to Cary Vaughan. When I started following Cary on instagram I was taken by the creativity in her home, especially her children’s artwork. Her daughter Alice has inherited her mother’s talent and appears to be a rising star.


Hello Cary!

Can you share a dream that was really important to you that has come true:
Doing what I love! Being a co-founder of Ace & Jig. This embodies multiple dreams…
– Childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer. I was one of those kids that sort of new early on what I wanted to do and went to college to study fashion design. Moving to NYC right when I graduated, was the first step.
– Being my own boss, having creative control and creating something I am passionate about.
– Living locally – Our Ace & Jig studio and my daughter’s school are both about ½ mile away from my Brooklyn home. I cannot tell you how much I cherish walking (NOT on crazy cold rainy days) but just in general. It clears your head. Plus I have like five favorite neighborhood places I go to for homemade baked goods in the morning. And yes, homemade baked goods are part of my dream. Ha!

A dream you would like to come true in the future:
Loaded question! This is very hard for me to narrow down. Honestly, I feel like I have many personal dreams and visions that are focused around finding some sort of life balance. Jenna and I are always talking about how creating our own business is such a lifestyle decision.

So, selfishly, one dream I hope to one day incorporate into my crazy life is to live at the beach in the summertime, by the water in a big old saltbox house. I grew up one block from the beach and have so many joyful memories of just spending all day there as a child. I want this for my children and my adult life. Ha! The beach is one of nature’s awesome playgrounds. It’s so true.

And finally, a dream that has not come true, and probably never will:
World Trip. Stopping everything for a year and backpacking around the world with my fam. Wanted to do this with my husband before kids but never happened. But never say never – my youngest just turned 2 so I still have some time on this one! We lead very busy lives and remembering to dream big is crucial. You have to go and make them happen.

Jenna Wilson

Next I connected with Jenna Wilson who will impress you with her conscious living. In addition to her perfect fashion choices she is all about CSA farm fresh deliveries, and making social and environmental change. It was an instant crush when I saw a photo on Jenna’s Instagram of her neatly pegged laundry hanging on her backyard rope clothesline. With a simple caption of “whites” I was hooked. A busy working Mama that can find the time to line dry washing, is an inspiration.


Hello Jenna!

Can you share a dream that was really important to you that came true:
So hard to know where to start, so many spring to mind. I feel I am the luckiest person on earth sometimes. I think my most happiest dream fulfilled has to do with my kids. Since a tiny child myself I dreamed of being a mom, and being surrounded by the joyful chaos of kids. As a kid myself, I could very clearly hear my life as an adult woman filled with loads of laughter, yelling, whispering, stomping, crying, and there was never any doubt. I wish I had more kids, that’s the only missing piece of this dream. For a while as a young adult I became terribly afraid that I would not be able to have kids and for many years my dream became filled with fear. Fertility can be so fraught with fear and joy. But now they are here, laughing and most definitely stomping, and its wonderful.

A dream you would like to come true in the future:
I’m not a big giver-upper so I hesitate to think most dreams may not still come true! I’m still holding out hope 🙂 I think I always dreamed that I would be primarily focused in my life on helping others. I imagined that I would be a doctor without borders, or involved in human rights, or helping children in need. Its a daily regret of mine not to be more helpful to others. I think I can still make a change.

And finally, a dream that has not come true, and probably never will:
As a huge fan of the performing arts, I’ve often dreamed to do beautiful artistic things with my body like ballet. This is so not happening. Maybe the ballet could happen but not the beautiful part. Total clutz and lacking any sort of rhythm. We still have plenty of dance parties in our kitchen but they’re not pretty.

Thank you Cary and Jenna! 

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