Paper Snowflakes


This is one of my favorite winter crafts, cutting the snowflakes is art, and opening each one is like opening a surprise gift, and just like real snowflakes, no two are alike. The key to these snowflakes is that I cut out patterns with an x-acto knife. I also use the scissors, but to achieve detail in the center of the folded paper, the x-acto knife is fabulous. I recommend using a fresh new blade in your knife, it makes it a lot easier. The children like to sit alongside me and make their own versions, they often have ideas of what they want cut out with the knife and direct me, as they are not old enough to use this tool yet. They usually end up playing and making something totally unique from the paper scraps too. I like to give them the pleasure of opening the snowflakes and listen to their Ooo’s and ahh’s as the patterns emerge.


X-acto knife
Mat board


1. Start with a square piece of paper, this is essential.

2. Fold the paper into a small triangle, this will involve folding it over numerous times. I fold it in half four to five time, you can

3. Fold it smaller but this is what I am comfortable cutting through with the xacto knife. On the last fold, change the triangle shape from an isosceles what will be a scalene, once you trim the extra bit off the top.

4. After you have it folded, snip off the extra triangle piece on top that is not flush, so that you have a scalene triangle shape that is equal and even layers.

5. Once you have an even triangle you can shape the top of it so that your snowflake has an interesting outer shape.

6. Using the x-acto blade, make a pattern in your triangle.

7. Open your triangle and you have a beautiful snowflake!



Another version, before opened..




I am wearing dress by Ace & Jig

6 thoughts on “Paper Snowflakes

  1. Good afternoon Kirsten,
    Your snowflakes are charming. The process of making the flakes has always been a little mysterious to me so it was nice to see your method. Have you ever thought about doing a post on your methods for natural hair care? I know that there are many who admire your and the girls’ lovely locks and it would be so helpful to other women.
    Thank you sharing for all your beauty and light, you’re an inspiration!
    Chelsea RoGene

  2. I used to love making paper cutouts when I was younger. At the moment we would be better off making paper fans in Brisbane as it is so very humid!

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