Babaá AW14


With the arrival of very cold weather, Maya and I have been living in Babaá sweaters. I am in love with these wholesome woolen knits that wear beautifully and keep you and your littles super cozy. Upon handling Babaá for the first time, it was an instant yes, yes, yes. The right weight to stay warm through winter, which I really need because I feel the cold, the right texture, that is soft, but hearty and practical for my daily Mummy life, and finally, the most amazing smell! I know this is a funny reason to love it, but when I picked up the sweater I instantly buried my face into it. It smelled so good, I had to drink in the beautiful journey the sweater went through to reach me. Inhaling the natural, earthy, fresh and clean fragrance, that can only occur because of the unique process of Marta’s amazing knits. You can read in-depth about Babaá in Wool Wonderful Wool With Marta Bahillo and all the effort and care Marta takes with her product, and all the reasons why investing in wool is good for everybody! Marta is knowledgable and passionate when it comes to wool and a true inspiration in both her roles as a designer and Mother. Her environmental awareness supports a conscious production right down the beautiful buttons she uses that are GOTS certified wood that comes from Spanish olive trees.

If you are like me, you may find joy in Babaá  being an investment. I have waited almost a whole year before I could buy a Babaá sweater for myself, and so it was a dream come true and well worth the wait.


Maya Wears: Babaá Coat No. 3 in Flame (limited edition), Caramel baby & Child Cottoneaster Leggings, Frye Dakota Boots, Babaá Hat No.1 Flame

Elle Wears: Little Lief Riding Hood Sweater, Boy + Girl Rachel Jeans, Frye Dakota Boots

Kirsten Wears: Babaá Women’s Jumper No.4 Ash, Babaá Hat No.1 Flame

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