The Grass Gets Greener


Maya wears: Mabo James track shorts in blue striped linen, Mabo organic cotton tee in natural.

Elle wears: Mabo Edith blouse in grey gingham gauze, Boy + Girl linen harem pants.

Props: vintage chest, masses of homegrown wheatgrass, Fanny & Alexander film camera.

Gratitude the these amazing American designers that produce their clothes ethically in the USA, and to all those that support them.

Kirsten x

2 thoughts on “The Grass Gets Greener

  1. This is one of my favorite of your shoots! Love the simplicity, love the clothing, and the natural childhood feel of the photos…very good!

  2. Thank you Amy, I always cherish your opinion! I love the simplicity of this too… it is often the way, I will do all this ‘work’, and then when the shoot is all over, then the good bit actually happens. What I thought was the shoot, was actually just the process to get to the unexpected, simpler, but in a way more refined creativity. This shoot is my favorite (but I have one more Ace & Jig image I adore, to put up still, waiting for two weeks until their collection is ready!). I miss you! xoxo

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