Rivers Of America Poster By The Far Woods

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I am in love with the Rivers of America Poster “All Things Merge Into One” by The Far Woods. Artfully designed by Nina Montenegro, and screen-printed by this sister duo, it depicts the rivers in the Lower 48 states of America, without state lines, cities or country borders, just the rivers. With the focus completely on theses waterways of America, it gives a new connection to this country, transporting us to a time before people created these other ubiquitous lines of this land. The natural beauty of rivers resemble veins on leaves, or veins in the human body, and it becomes a celebration of water and natural form. What an amazing way to see America!

You will instantly be captured by the character and life behind the The Far Woods products. I am hooked on the Lunar Calendar Poster the Pledge Alligance to the Land Sew On Patches… and I love the Conifer Identification Poster too…Ok, I love everything they do!

Together, Nina Montenegro and Sonya Montenegro live together on a small organic farm just outside Portland, OR. Their home life focuses on intentional living with a large garden, berry patch and orchard. In the company of two goats, a big yellow farm cat (and many cups of tea) hours are spent in a corner of the farmhouse kitchen where they fulfill their motto of ‘Craft All Day’… Follow along with their life, you will be inspired by their dedication and daily choices… this year they’ve embarked on a new endeavor; pledging to not buy any new clothes for the whole year, and instead to sew, swap and thrift their wardrobes.

The materials they choose are local, recycled and thrifted and they strive to repurpose when possible, believing that a well made, hand made, lovingly made items are best. Each product is the result of a personal journey that begins with discovering an interesting material, exploring a new process, or feeling moved to highlight an issue they are passionate about. Inspired by the natural wonders of waterfalls, mountain tops and rivers that surround their home, The Far Woods are making a living so well!

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