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Hello Friends,
I felt inspired today to do a video to share some basic information about our homeschooling process. I know it will not answer all of your questions, but I hope it helps you all along your path in some way.

Next time I will aim to address the following questions that I am frequently asked, as well as any other question that turn up in the comments! I am by no means an expert, but I am happy to share my experience, feelings and offer advice.

Some of the questions I will address in the future:
Q: Deciding to Homeschool
Q: Difficulties of Homeschooling
Q: Spending a lot of time with my children.
Q: Overcoming the fears I had of homeschooling, my own fear and the fears of other’s.
Q: Homeschooling and breaking the rules.
Q: Homeschooling as a response to society.
Q. When Homeschooling feels like a lot of pressure.

My apologies for the background noise of the video, it was not ideal, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

Warm wishes,


13 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Basics Video

  1. Thank you for doing this, Kirsten. Great video! I am looking forward to your next one. We are going into our second year of homeschooling (both starting grade 1) and I am still using a packaged curriculum because I wanted all the bases covered while I found my way. I desire to move to a more individualized way of doing things in the future. I love how you use the composition books for each subject, and it has got me thinking of starting one for each child on a particular subject they wish to learn about, along with this years set curriculum. Oh, and I have to say Elle is just the cutest! 🙂

  2. Thanks Erin for sharing a little about your journey too! Wishing you all the best as the new year of learning begins.

  3. Look how beautiful you and your little one are! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. We are similar in our homeschooling in that I don’t want to buy things that sit on a shelf and “pressure” me to use them. It ends up being a waste of my internal energy and our money.
    It really is a balance that I’ve only just started to achieve after doing this for many years.
    And I fall off the wagon time and time again and buy something that doesn’t fit who we are. (I buy it because I think I MUST keep up with others) 🙂
    I wonder if you could comment on “community/social” time? Mostly about how to find community even if they don’t quite line up with your beliefs/lifestyle. In our area, homeschooling events are very structured and most cost (good amounts) of money. I find it such a challenge to find other families who like to gather and sing or present projects they are working on or to just be together doing a seasonal activity or something. Many of the events expect huge parental commitments of time and money. I just can’t seem to find a balance.
    So more often than not we spend time just as a family or in less structured classes.
    I wonder if others struggle with this issue and what solutions they have found?
    Thank you for this series! I will be watching with interest. 🙂

  4. Thank you Kirsten for this firt video and for the others to come! It is very generous of you to share about your homeschooling process.
    As we are starting our second year of homeschooling in September I’m thinking and trying to organize myself a little bit. I find very useful to read about other mamas experiences. It can open doors we wouldn’t have thought about. So thank you very much. I love your soul and all that I can feel trought your blog and your Instagram account.

  5. Thank you Eve for these kind words of support. I am glad you found this helpful, and I wish you all the best with your homeschooling process. Kirsten x

  6. the simplicity of this was perfect! i was able to extrapolate so many ideas from you. i hope you make more videos, maybe even on the scene of the action.


  7. I am thinking of you Lia, and I will write! About to do another video now, and yes today I thought we needed to do some “in action videos too. Thanks for that affirmation. xo

  8. Always an inspiration! Thanks for making these videos and taking the dive…I have been thinking of homeschooling and this video makes me giddy. Love!


  9. Hi Kirsten,

    Did I read on instragram one late night when I should have be sleeping (so now I’ve forgotten) that you had posted a couple more homeschooling videos? Where might I find them please? I loooved this one!

    Thanks for you,

    xxxx Alice

  10. Hi Alice,
    Yes, if you follow the link at the top of our homeschool account @mayaclimbstrees, this will take you to our youtube page and you will see all the videos and oyu can subscribe if you feel like it. Thank you for watching! xoxo

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