There is Truth and Knowing in Geometry

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Sunday, 20th of March, 2016

One day everything you think you know, that is safe, that holds you, that keeps you comfortable can suddenly fall away. It could be as simple as learning that the earth is not just a solid set-in-stone sphere, even though you thought is was, or it could be more personal, like the breakdown of a parent, or the loss of a job. There are so many things that can happen to make you question what you believe and know. You might find out your child’s health is compromised or that your savings are all gone. Things just happen that can shake us to the core, and rattle our sense of security and stability. When these things happen, you wonder how can this possibly be? Everything was effortless and fine yesterday, and now today, feeling fine takes some work.

I suppose that is how I have lived my life lately, “Fine – that requires some effort.” Sometimes content will just be there, and other times we really have to find it, keep it, and hold it tight in case it slips away again. We have to nurture it, cultivate it, sculpt it, grow it. Dig in the dirt for it. Look in the cupboards for it. Sew it up. Paint it out, or draw it in.

When my content slipped away at the start of the new year, I resigned to the fact in a “Here we go again!” sort of way, praying to the universe for guidance. I have learnt over the years, that stabilising the soul, is a reoccurring necessity in life. Over and over one must consciously hop back into that space of equilibrium. You have to find your center, and have a deep faith that the universe will always help. You just have to let it.

With open spirit to the higher power to receive my very best life,  I discovered peace in a new place, a place that I previously would have considered an unlikely source of solace. On a regular old day of the week, I woke up one morning with Math on my mind. Not just any math. Big math. Deep math. Sacred math. It was one of those inspired moments, a little light bubble floats down from the sky and enters my heart. Then “Bling” an idea glows in my mind. I sat up in bed, and folded back the covers. This idea was novel, it was so unlike a regular way to start the day. The thoughts percolated ever so clear, I could not deny them. “I have to draw three mathematical equations on our dining room wall.” I could see them hovering in my mind’s eye: Pythagoras Theorem, Pi, and the Fibonacci sequence. I did not waste one minute worrying whether or not this was a sensible thing to do. I just had to do it.

Our walls are painted a deep dark color, and so I was able to use white chalk straight onto the walls. I have drawn with chalk onto painted walls before and it just wipes off with a damp cloth. I went to effort, measuring the diagrams precisely, doing them in large-scale so that they took up our whole wall. When Cam came down the stairs I put my hands out either side of my body with the expression, “Tada! look what I did!” I am very lucky to have such an open minded husband who chose to look and listen with interest. “I was feeling a need to connect to truths, and Maths is a wonderful place to find truth!” I said to him as explanation. I was so excited by what I had just done. The previous day I could not have explained how to find the center of a circle, without any instruments, and today I could!

It was then that I realized I was evolving through geometry. You know that moment, when you are truly deeply present, when it is like the light changes, and you can see further, or the air is clean and you can breathe deeper. It was very cathartic to draw the Fibonacci, the positive life force really transmits to the soul by rendering it. As I stood back from the wall and looked, I sighed, “Wow, I actually got something out of doing that.” I felt something deep and connected. The maths equations are so powerful, and that is when I realised the beauty, “There is truth and knowing in math.” I don’t know that I had looked at math in such a way before, and I certainly had not felt the centering effects of geometry so greatly. I was well aware sacred geometry held magic, but, I had not ever applied it to my life as a way of finding balance.

I never would have come to this realization were it not for homeschooling. That sense of responsibility to educate Maya and Elle is a golden impulse. I might have just carried on with life forgetting to invest time in geometry. I think a lot of us forget Geometry. We all learnt it, but for whatever reason things slip away. Or maybe, maybe it was just that geometry was not presented as mystical or deep enough for me in school to fully appreciate it? Teaching my children has many blessings, one of which, is that I am always studying and learning and when I found myself in the position to teach geometry to the children, I realized, “Wow, this is actually really, really special.”

With worries about my mother, and my husband on my mind, I sat at the dinning room table with the compass, ruler, pencil and paper so I could instruct the girls. Watching youtube videos about sacred geometry is great, but you see, I never realised, you have to draw it too. You can just look at it, and there is a sense of order and understanding from just looking, BUT, if you draw it, well then you go to the next level. I don’t understand it fully, no one can, which is what makes it so special, it just is. See, geometry holds truth and mystery, things are absolute and things are unexplainable, and you really get a sense, that there is no need to question why or how, it just represents existence, life, and all that matters. If you do start wondering why our how, then it will lead you to quantum physics. Which is also a great thing to be interested in, but still, you will find yourself staring into a mysterious life source with no real answer. I spent a good deal of time watching quantum physics lectures, and then I thought to myself, “You know, I don’t need the answer to life, I just like drawing pretty pictures.” and so that is what I did.

With the compass in hand, I started drawing circles, and the wonderful thing about using a compass, is that the radius fits around a circle circumstance six times. This is an absolute truth. But why? No-one knows. This is the divine, existence just turned out that way. When you draw this, from scratch, you tap into that divinity. It is ever so simple, you just have to have respect for creation. You learn about π  and you think to yourself, how is this possible? Then you remember, you don’t have to ask why, you just have to appreciate the magic. As you rule the lines, it is like you meet humankind, an unfurling of culture and nature. It is an epiphany. “Oh look, this joins up with that, and that equals this!” and it is all so neat and perfect you feel… the truth, and you feel a deep comfort in the known and the unknown, and yes, it brings peace of mind, and you relax because, well, you don’t need the answers to life you just have to understand π exists and you exist.

Another week goes by, and I wake up Sunday morning with another creative vision. I was the last to rise, and when I came down the stairs Cam asked me if I wanted to go out for a walk. “Nope! I can’t go out today. I am feeling too creative!” I said with chipper affirmation. “I need to do big circles, I need to draw really large geometry on cardboard.” I said with my arms stretch out to indicate the size I was imagining. It is a very nice feeling, to know you need to make something. Even if it is just a circular piece of cardboard.

I keep a large supply of boxes in the basement for creative projects. The girls and I like to walk around the neighborhood and collect things from the neighborhood recycling so we always have creative supplies on hand. I dragged a large box up the stairs, and dumped it on the floor. This instantly captured my whole family’s attention. They all stood around watching me, “Ok girls, I am going to teach you how to draw a huge circle with a piece of string and a tac!” Cam was equally interested, and as the pencil curved around the arc he cheered me on. “Go Mummy.” Then just like that, the line met perfectly back to the starting point. “Oh yay!” I said with satisfaction. “That is how you make a giant perfect circle!” I declared. Who new drawing circles with your family could be so satisfying?

Homeschooling gives me reason and opportunity to dive into knowledge, and it is my job to be the teacher and make our home a place of learning. Just by thinking of our home and myself in this way opens the soul to receive. It does not matter what day of the week, or what hour of the day, all that matters is that someone has a passion to teach and learn, and learn and teach, and live life.

Geometry is such a simple lesson, and some of you are going to say, “Oh yes Kirsten, we knew all of this already!” and others might say “I will remember to try that!” But either way I just want to make sure we all know how to find the center of our circles.

Thank you for reading Magnesium Blue

Kirsten xo

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10 thoughts on “There is Truth and Knowing in Geometry

  1. Oh Kirsten! You are the centre of the circle game. The brightest star. Shining here to inspire so many. You are a great teacher, lover of life and mother nurturer. You are so appreciated. Sprinkled with magic your words light our way, to go for it, embrace the sacred and the everyday in a positive way. THANKYou for all you scare it’s sacred and special. Love ✨

  2. kaspia, thank you for such a kind comment. Thank you for reading and inspiring me to to keep writing.

  3. I am so inspired by this post!!!! I love it, it makes me want to take out my compass and discover geometry all over again. Maybe I will do this with my daughters tomorrow! I will need to do some serious studying tonight though. 😛
    I love thinking of the center of a circle, the center of our earth, the center of our lives, and how when we are centered, we are balanced. Life is so beautiful and so large, it makes you want to embrace it all! Sacred, mystical geometry, who would have thought there could be so much magic in math. I personally love math, and have been looking for ways to transmit my love of math to my daughters, and this feels like it could be one of them. Who doesn’t love beauty? I look forward to seeing you too in May!!!

  4. So happy you feel it Lily! It puts a big smile on my face! Thank you as always for your kinds words and enthusiasm, and for being the great mother and woman that you are. xoxo

  5. Geometry was such a chore when I was in high school. Maybe it was because of how it was taught or that my boyfriend was sitting behind me and I’d rather pay attention to him. 🙂 Now that I am homeschooling, learning is a joy and geometry is one of the many subjects that I have grown to love. It is so wonderful to explore sacred geometry with my kids and go out in nature and find it in the swirl of a sunflower or the fractals of a snowflake! My husband is knitting a hat with fibonacci stripes in it. This may seem silly and I can’t explain why I feel this way, but I was so happy when he told me he was doing 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8… stripes instead of repeating 3 stripes of one color and 2 of another. It made the hat seem more solid… oddly, more ‘real’.

  6. Oh, this made me so happy! Thank you Maria for sharing. Your teachings and husband’s beanie sounds very special – what a cool pair you are. Kirsten x

  7. “With the compass in hand, I started drawing circles, and the wonderful thing about using a compass, is that the radius fits around a circle circumstance six times.”

    It’s because the constant pi was originally founded by dividing the cicumference of a circle by its diameter. Try it with any sized circle (using a piece of string) and you will always get Pi!

    Because of this, the formula for finding the circumference of a circle is the diameter x Pi, or
    the radius x 2 x Pi, which can be simplified to 6 x the radius, like you said! 🙂

  8. Thank you for understanding math Myra. This of course is not the origin of what we call Pi, but how we know and explain it as a mathematical equation. The easiest most common way to explain circumference is 2πr. Pi is a transcendental ratio number for all circles. Yay for mathematics!

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