18. Dear Mum, Waterfall Massage, Golden Milk

Hi Mum,

Hope you sorted out the plumbing problem.

The overall cosmic energy will lift in a few days. I know you don’t keep an eye on the solar system like I do, but it has been Mercury retrograde. It ends next week, on the 22nd. This is also the day of equinox. That will be an awesome time/day for balancing (which means on the 22nd, do some yoga balancing postures, there are plenty to choose from, even for yourself with limited modality, e.g. consciously sitting evenly on your sitting bones and breathing into what is happening in the universe, and within.) It has been a a time of reflection, whatever you have been seeing in others this past month, is what you can work on in yourself, this can be in either positive or negative form. It is has been a time for going back over your steps, and then next week, all will appear to be going forward again. Revisiting the past helps us move into the future in the best possible way. THAT is the beauty of life. Mercury retrograde helps us stop, revise, take note, and then boom, it all shifts and things get moving in a straightforward way again. You have to make it work for yourself. Some people struggle during this time, others gain insight. Often it is a little of both. I hope that whatever has been coming up for you, whatever you have been reflecting on, leads into wise, aligned decisions next week and beyond. It is exciting, or not… depending on who you are.

I just came back from a barefoot run through the woods in my bikinis and a waterfall massage (by a waterfall.) The water was cold, but not freezing or painful, yet. But I got goosebumps, which felt great, and then I cried from happiness from the pummeling of the water on my skin and smell of the algae on the rocks. I felt it all right down to my toes externally, deep into my bones internally, to little me. I touched the bottom of the well of childhood memories, that smell of green water growth unexpectedly triggered my olfactory bulb, it took me right there, to Tregeagle. Clawing at rocks and being careful of slipping and sliding. Tasting raw spring water that is alive with things.

Lucky to be an adult that both remembers this and can find it still.

Then, while in the waterfall I did some yoga poses. I wanted the pressure of the water to access my lymph channels. Earlier in the morning, before entertaining the notion of this outing – which was that I wanted to run through the woods, I had been in the bathroom using my Swedish skin brush, which I have been doing now for over 20 years. I first was introduced to using a skin brush for my lymphatic system by the naturopath you took me to as a teenager in Lismore. Remember I had those bumps on the back of my arms? Anyway, I still skin brush for my lymphatics when I feel I need to, and today, I woke up feeling cakish. I baked and baked and baked the past two weeks, to help myself settle and feel at home, but after eating skillet cake too many times in one fortnight, my system felt sluggish. Also, I think I am cleansing Jersey out of my body and soul. I am sorry to say where we lived in Jersey felt polluted, not babdly pulluted in the scheme of things, just not like where I grew up, and not like here. The skin brushing, the run, were both to help my lymph feel clear, then when I was at the waterfall I knew they still needed something, so I purposefully exposed them to the falling water’s pressure. Standing on the flat rock, with my feet in the large puddle, there was a beautiful fluid flow off an upper rock. It had a wide pour and I was able to position myself beneath it in Virabhadrasana (warrior one). My inner thigh received the full force of the water at just the right angle. My gosh it felt so good, to have that whole inner thigh zone worked on by nature. I was doing it, being one with water. I was sure to do both legs. Then as I stepped out of the waterfall, I was elated with mental chatter, “And I do not even have to turn a tap off!” I said to myself. Such a nice a feeling, to be free, to walk away from flowing water, knowing it is meant to flow eternally. It gives you a great sense of abundance. THAT is what makes the soul shine. A feeling of abundance. So I got this gush, this morning from bathing in a waterfall.

Now the whole reason this actually all happened is because when I woke up Cam told me that the paddle board he rented was getting picked up today, and that he would carry it to the shore for me if I wanted to go for a paddle. I had not used it by myself yet, and today I felt like it. So I went and put on my bikini and was standing looking out the window ready to go. Cam said it was not high tide yet and that I had to wait. I protested saying it was high enough but he would not budge. I was feeling motivated and excited. I had revved myself up, I was ready to go! Cam was not helping though, so then I decided to go for a run in the woods, to get my blood pumping. We live right on the woods now, on a waterfall trail, and I was able to dash out the back door in my swimmers without a care. I had not been very far on this trail before and I just ran, excited to go farther. At one point on the trail I stopped to exclaim out loud, “Oh my goodness, it is enchanting!” I said this to myself and the trees, and whoever else might have been listening… you never know? I always wonder if I am truly alone, one who is silent and still could easily be overlooked. The moss was growing on a series of rocks along the creek bed and the rocks were rounded in similar shape and size. They were so numerous, it formed a delightful pattern of green mounds, like a string of jade beads along the stream. It looked ever so rich I stopped in my tracks. It was a picturesque folklore storybook moment. When appreciation was over I kept running, around a bend, and up a steep. Then I stopped again for the beauty. “Oh my goodness!” I said, “Will you look at how lovely that is.” I spoke out loud again to the forrest. It was a perfect petite bathing waterfall with flat rocks and a shallow sitting pool beneath. I could easily access it, and without second thoughts, I stepped into the shallows and sat myself beneath the flow. So handy that I had my bathing suit on! Firstly I knew my kidneys and liver needed the pummel, and so I bent over so that the water could smack hard on my middle and lower back. I moved up and down, tilting slightly so that the pressure was hitting the mark. I could feel the goodness, stimulating my organs. Healing my insides. Did you know the word healing means, WHOLE. When you feel the stimulation, it connects your senses to your organs and you feel every part of your body, you feel all of yourself, your whole being. Yes, yes, a waterfall massage is healing!

After all of that I ran home feeling elated. When I entered the mud room, the inside house door had accidentally locked and so I had to knock on the glass to be let in. Cam came to the door, looking at me, wet hair, bathing suit, dirty feet. “I just had a massage by a waterfall!” I exclaimed. “I ran through the woods, and found it!” I said with that spark in my eyes that I get when I am especially excited about something. The girls both came into the kitchen to see what was happening. “Mama, why aren’t you dressed?” Elle asked, hearing that I had just been for a run through the woods. “This is me today!” I said, putting my hands on my hips. “I am doing things in my bikini.” I said smiling. To this, Maya began to fake cry, like she was scared and offended by my mode of happiness. The fact that her mother had just run through the woods in her bathing suit, had talked to the moss, had a massage by a waterfall, and was now standing in the kitchen, wet, covered in bits of grass and leaves was too much for her sensibility. Elle however was completely inspired. She mimicked my super women posture, straight splayed legs, engaged core to protect the spine, hands on hips, elbows out. “And this is me today too!” she said, looking like a younger and even more powerful version of myself. “Yeah!” I said, and we clapped a high five. I can always count on Elle to tap into the free spirit.

Well, the guy just came to collect the paddle board, and I missed out on going for a paddle. Oh well.

Then, because I had been thinking of it for days, I made golden milk. It is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe using turmeric and black pepper. It helps the body in a host of ways. I had watched my Ayurveda friend Kat make it 15 years ago, but I felt I should research it. After watching numerous golden milk you-tube videos and reading numerous blogs, I made a version. The children and Cam said it was better than they expected. We went the vegan route, but next time I am going to try it with cow’s milk. We are drinking unpasteurized whole milk these days straight from the farmer, woo hoo, moo moo. More about that later.

If you want to try to make golden milk, it would be good for you, it reduces inflammation and is said to stimulate melatonin production. It can aid in activating what the ancients call Soma. More about that later too. Drinking turmeric every day can be a helpful cure for many common ailments. I used fresh turmeric root and fresh ginger root with whole black pepper kernels. You have to add black pepper, that is important. I also added other spices. Cinnamon bark, cloves, cardamom and part of a vanilla bean. Simmered in watered and coconut milk for 20 mins. It smelt so good. Serving it warm with sticky sweet honey. I am going to try another version, by making the turmeric paste and keeping it in the fridge so I can have it daily for a while. I feel my body and soul needing it. What a bright way to start or end the day!

 Ok, I think that is all from me.

Love Kirsten

P.S. I just love tuning into Mercury ☿ It is the smallest planet, closest to the sun. Full of wonderful symbolism.

P.P.S. We have seen a bald eagle two days in a row. We were having a date with new friends (who by coincidence had ordered a bag of organic turmeric tubers that had just arrived. When I unknowingly told her I had been thinking about making golden milk, she went and grabbed the bag, opened it and said, “Take some!” which was great, because the Co-Op only gets fresh turmeric sometimes. Then we went back to the garden and the eagle was gliding over our heads, round and around. It was so beautiful.

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  1. This is lovely, energetic and inspiring! I hope that your Mum has seen it and also feels loved, energized and inspired. <3

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