Time to Nurture.

It is always nice┬áto be reminded to look after yourself. Take an extra moment to floss your teeth, moisturize your skin, or do your hair in a style different than you normally do it. It is these little things that make all the difference to your day, make you feel alive, and make you feel good. I always make sure I find the time to apply lotion to skin and chap stick to the girls dry lips and if granted, I will do their hair! Maya has started to enjoy our beauty rituals and now likes to instigate looking after her sister or myself. I really enjoy it when she comes into the room with cream in her soft little hands and says “Mummy it is time to put cream on your face.”

One thought on “Time to Nurture.

  1. Sienna and I also have a daily ritual of putting our Patchouli and Lime moisturiser on our face and arms/hands in the morning, just before we set off…. it’s funny to watch her as she “moisturises” with other things throughout the day …. wet sand …. toothpaste ….. sour cream ….. tactile children are great body explorers!!

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