Washi Tape

Japanese (washi) paper tape  is great tape for kids. Fun for adults too, but what makes it especially appealing to children is that it is colourful and easy to rip or cut from the roll. It can be untangled and unstuck from itself and it can be removed and reapplied (for the finicky artists). You can write and paint on it, and it is easily removed from hair, furniture and any other place it turns up around the house.

I found a packet of inexpensive multi coloured washi tape at our local art store displayed with origami papers. It sat in Maya’s art caddie for a few months untouched but recently  has become a favourite medium in our household (along with band aids!). Maya is using it to seal envelopes to bunch sticks, to hold ribbons in place….the options are endless!  There are some very beautiful washi tapes available, making apparent the importance of the art of wrapping in Japan. You can find it easily online, such as here and here.

One thought on “Washi Tape

  1. I have to get Sami some of that stuff as she is always using the sticky tape, putting it everywhere. That looks much more interesting and removable! Where do they sell it in Sydney?

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