A Few Days Away

This time last week we were packing our bag to go and visit friends in Albany. It was our first time heading up state NY and the girls and I were very excited to hop on the train and get out of town. Maya kept saying, “Mummy, this is like going on a plane”.

The train trip took a little over two hours and traveled along the Hudson River the whole way. A lovely scenic journey, that the girls enjoyed as they were able to stand to see out the windows. I even let them jump up and down on the seats! We packed a picnic lunch and after all the food was gone, and we had finished looking for mermaids and sharks, Maya played on the iphone (what would we do without it). Elle had a nap and I looked out the window at the picturesque houses perched on the hills overlooking the water.

I highly recommend train travel with kids, very reasonably priced trip too, round trip for the three of us was only $110. It was very easy for me to walk out our front door, with both girls and a small suitcase, catch the subway then transfer at Penn Station to Amtrak. So easy in fact I am planning the next trip!

It is refreshing to get away, even for a few days. Feeling very grateful to have stayed with wonderful friends, shared great meals, conversation, and even fit in some art and craft!

For those of you that do not already know, Albany is the capital city of NY state, not Manhattan, like I assumed!

Here are a few photos….

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  1. Train trips – I also highly recommend them ….. when Kai was a toddler, we used to pack a bucket (one with a lid) full of stickers, coloured felt markers and a small notebook, so that he could write about his adventure and what he saw out the train window ….. sometimes for something different, we would draw a poster size train track up the middle of a piece of paper, and drew either side what he saw …. we did quite a few trips to Sydney from the North Coast …. and I still have most of the journals!

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