Ready To Swing Into Spring

Could it be that the warmer weather of today signals the beginning of spring? Yes please, to be outside for more than an hour with out getting cold feet, and to have the sun shine on the top of my head, oh yes please! Nothing makes the effects of  the cold weather more apparent than when the warmest day of the year (so far) makes you feel like kicking your heels up. What joy to be able to shed that heavy coat, and leave the mittens behind. Hooray for a lovely day……putting a smile on our faces and letting us play…..outside!

One thought on “Ready To Swing Into Spring

  1. Yes, Spring!! The girls a glowing w/joy Kirst!! We are just receiving a late winter in Sitka…w/big snowflakes falling. The kids have had a ball sledding, building snowmen, and Jazz made lovely snow angels=) I will snapfish some pics soon. So sorry I missed your call…did you get my call back? I am not sure I have your correct new #. Please email me your new info…when are you moving into your new place? Big hugs n kisses to Maya & Elle~ Love, Larees

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