Wheatgrass, My Deer

On Thursday at play-group pick-up Maya had in hand a pretty basket with wheatgrass shoots growing in it. I was delighted to see such a beautiful Easter craft! Her Teachers organised the baskets, helped the children fill them with soil, and plant the wheatgrass seeds. The children watered the seeds, talked to the seeds, and put them in the sunshine. The results being a very cute Easter basket.

When Maya arrived home with her wheatgrass (the young grass of the common wheat plant), she went to her room and found her Deers. The Deers were placed in the grassy patch and hand fed. They now seem quite at home in their new paddock on our windowsill.

Maya’s teacher said this was a very simple project. They lined the basket with plastic cling wrap, put in potting soil. The children spread the wheat grass shoot seeds on top of the soil. They were then watered often to be kept moist, and put out in direct sunshine. After a week the grass was a few inches high.

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