Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Yesterday we spent the day in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. We packed a picnic lunch, met with friends, Faith, Jasper and Carys and strolled through Prospect Park to the BBG. The Garden is a favorite place of our family, particularly Maya who has said three times since yesterday, “Can we go to the Botanic Garden again!”.

Entry is a very reasonable $8 for Adults, and children under 12 are free. There is free entry all day Tuesday and between 10am-12pm on Saturday.

One thought on “Brooklyn Botanic Garden

  1. Kirsten, LOVE these beautiful photos! I was just at the garden a couple of weekends ago… very peaceful. It looks like things have bloomed since my visit. It was wonderful seeing you and your lovely family last week. Thanks for letting me drop in:) Maybe I can see guys you again next week! Keep on blogging– it’s so inspirational!

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