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On Saturday mornings Maya goes to Ballet. Happily she puts on her tights and leotard, and dances around the house before it is time to leave. When it is time to leave, through Winter, a number of things get layered upon her ballet clothes to keep her warm on the brisk walk to class. Out come the leg warmers, mittens, coat and hat. Each week over the cold months I watch her wave goodbye with one hand, and hold on to Daddy’s hand with the other, all dressed up in this precious little outfit.

Knowing that soon she will out grow her first little leotard and ballet slippers I am hoping to do a drawing of her like this. Instead of continuing to think “I must do a drawing of Maya like this” ┬áToday we took study photos of her all dressed to go, so I am actually one step closer to achieving the goal. I intend to refer to these images and come up with a series of drawings….(when I shall do this I do not know?).

I had imagined in the drawing she would hold a flower or a balloon. I did not have either of these things handy, but I did have a bag of Ostrich feathers (from Uncle Lane’s Ostriches). Maya started dancing with them and I was throwing them around.┬áDoing this we discovered a very interesting thing. Ostrich feathers stick to the wall. One happened to stick as it was falling through the air, seemingly defying gravity. I thought that was interesting and so I tried putting others on the wall, and sure enough the feathers held. The tiny fibrals of the feathers clung to the wall, and the feathers, being so light just stay there! Really fascinating! The girls enjoyed making a feather picture.

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