Markets, Merry-Go-Round, Macy’s

Yesterday the girls and I achieved a NYC Easter triptych. Three things that are great to do in Spring: Chelsea Markets, Bryant Park Carousel, and the Macy’s Flower Show. It was a big (long) day in the city for us, which involved me carrying Elle in her stroller up and down hundreds or subway stairs, but we did it! All three of us enjoyed these perfect Easter eve destinations. To give each place we visited justice,  I will write three separate posts. The first stop on our big day out, the Chelsea market.

PART 1 – Chelsea Markets

The Chelsea Market is a fantastic foodie experience, for dinning, grocery shopping, or site seeing historic NYC. The Markets are built in the National Biscuit Company complex, which at one point in time baked everything from Oreos to Saltines. Entering the converted Biscuit Factory building provides the gourmet shopper with an eclectic bounty.

I seem to make it there only once a year, and to make sure I do actually make it there, have made it my annual Easter shopping destination. I first went there a few years ago in search of Hot Cross Buns…a tradition we missed since moving to America. In Australia, due to the Nations English influence, we would eat them for weeks leading up to Easter and would find them for sale at every bakery and supermarket. Here in NY they seem to be more of a specialty item that you have to seek out…..which I did, and found them at Amy’s Bread at the Market.

By doing this I discovered lots of other reasons to go to the Chelsea Market for Easter. Handmade Belgium Chocolate Bunnies, Handmade Easter Cookies, and lots of other Unique Treats for filling little Easter baskets.

The girls had fun running up and down the historic corridor full of interesting things to explore. The building itself seems to have set a precedent for the quality of goods it houses. The old factory floors weave and bob, and the central hall is a jumble of disused ducts, an artificial waterfall, the original train shed, old signboards and other elements.

The girls tossed pennies into the water fall, and climbed on the worn machinery relics, while I surveyed the tempting merchandise. We left Chelsea Markets with a bag full of Easter goodies, and while we were there to be shoppers it was rewarding to do so within the industrial archaeology.

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  1. All of those baskets … market heaven for me! The green baskets are just what I had in my head for the children’s Easter eggs this year! It looks like you and the girls had a heap of fun! Can’t wait to see the other posts from your day out!

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