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PART 2 – Bryant Park Carousel

Second stop, on our big day in the city was the Bryant Park Carousel. Shopping at the Chelsea Markets had given us an appetite and so we caught the train to 42nd St and met Cam for lunch at the Carousel. This is my favorite Carousel in NYC for a few reasons. The first being that it is not enclosed in a barred cage as other are. It is in open air and so while ridding the carousel you are in natural light, with a broad view of Bryant Park and the surrounding city. Secondly, it is a petite  French carousel, and so smaller than most, which gives it a child like quality. Nothing puts a smile on a little girls face quite like lunch with Daddy and a ride on Le Carrousel in Bryant Park…..although with saying that, I must add, Elle was not ready for her first carousel ride and preferred to stay with Mummy and watch Maya ride. I am sure it will only be a matter of time and she too will be running to ride the round-about.

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  1. Kirst I cannot say enough how much I adore your blog. Seriously it is so gorgeous and heartwarming. I LOVE the above photo of Maya- bottom middle. Your girls are just beautiful little dolls! xxxx

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