Skew-skew is how Elle says scooter. “I-wan-skew-skew” ¬†(translation, I want scooter!) Elle will say each time we enter or exit our building. The scooter resides downstairs near the front door, and numerous times a day Elle will say “I-wan-skew-skew”. At least once a day, Cam or I will take Elle outside for a ride. Helmet on, ready to go.

Often we will be asked by a passing parent pushing a stroller. “How old is she?”. For it is obvious Elle is not yet two, but certainly a capable rider. Proudly I say “Seventeen months”, and then add, so that they do not think I am some crazy mother trying to advance my child’s scooter skills. “Her big sister is three, and she wants to ride it all of the time because her sister does it”.

It is hard to show how clever she is in photo stills, but here she is enjoying her skew-skew. You will see her little foot propelling herself along. Today she rode down her first hill (well, it was hardly a hill, ¬†slant in the pavement really!) by herself. I will have to make a little movie….

2 thoughts on “Skew-skew

  1. This is so great. I remember you Kirsten, on your orange Skew Skew. Also Uncle Garth riding yours down the slipper dip.

    Elle is very co-ordinated with her foot pushing.

  2. Yes, so very co-ordinated, we are amazed, as are passers by! Elle has remarkable determination. Cam and I are not allowed to hold the scooter at all while she is on it now, she pushes out hands off and squeals. Yesterday she went down a hill by herself and had the biggest smile on her face. I was so worried for her, but she was thrilled!

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