Picket Fences & Fluffy Pink Clouds

Picket fences and fluffy pink clouds is the title of this Art work. This is an installation I started and completed in 2005. It is a handmade paper site specific installation. It was constructed with hundreds of single sheets of handmade cotton paper, each one unique. I made each piece of paper from recycling t-shirts, sheets, blankets, towels and table clothes. Anything old, used and stained that I came across that was 100% cotton I would cut up and make into paper pulp.

The theoretical underpinning of the work was multiplicity and repetition, the domestic and perfectionism, and as my husband would say, beyond all of the Art waffle,  this Art work was about the colour pink!

This time of year, in spring, when the temperature feels so perfect, when the coat weight is lifted from our backs, when around us things grow fresh and new, when the blossom trees are flowering and the horizon is pink it reminds me of this artwork, a tribute to wonderful days of life.

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