Rainbow Sparkle Ballerina

Today at Ballet the Ballerina’s were given their performance outfit. My-oh-my what a bunch of happy little girls! Nothing could have pleased Maya more than her outfit being rainbow sparkle. Parents were invited in to class to see the girls all dressed up and standing in line. We were then given a sneak preview of their dance. Over the next few weeks ballet class is very exciting with the lead up to the show. Professional photos, followed by a dress rehearsal, and then the big day of performance will finally be here on June 12th.

The girls were allowed to wear their tutu home. Maya ran up the stairs to show Daddy and Elle her pretty outfit. I took a few photos and then Maya reluctantly took it off (we bribed her with food!). The tutu is now hung up high out of reach, but not out of site….it seems as though rainbows still do appear in my life, just not how I was expecting them!

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