Flower Faries

Last night we had our second parent education meeting at Maya’s Waldorf Playgroup. This time along with the (parenting) book discussion we did craft, and made these wee flower faeries! Such cute little folk that have enchanted my girls. I enjoyed making them very much, and whipped up three in no time! I returned from the meeting with them tucked away in my purse. I tip toed into Maya’s room where she soundly slept and put them on her bed side. When she woke this morning I looked in on her discovering the dainty surprise. “Look what the faeries brought me!” she exclaimed, holding up the faeries. “I wonder if they brought me anything else?” she said while further investigating……”Those faeries, always sneaking into my room!”

3 thoughts on “Flower Faries

  1. Hey Kirsten,

    Your craft ideas are so inspiring and fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂 How did you make the little faeries? I’m passing along your blog to a friend with a faerie-adoring 4 year old…

    Thanks for all the great ideas!


  2. Hi Laura,
    I made these so easily from a pipe cleaner, silk flower petals, felt, wool and a bead. I do not have time to do instructions right now as we move in 9 days. But, I will try and get to it….I am looking forward to making more myself!

  3. Thay are wickedly delightful! …. I look forward to getting some further intstructions on how to make them …. although I’m sure that I could experiment and try and make something similar …. where did you get the silk flowers from? Do you know a good online craft shop?

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