Felt Dot Garland

I always seem to have little pieces of felt laying around and I am often inspired to make things from them. The latest creation is this rainbow circle garland. A very quick easy project. It really is a simple outcome, by cutting freehand circles, in a variety of sizes and colours and then machine sew them together with straight stitch. Viola!

One thought on “Felt Dot Garland

  1. It is my birthday in July, and I am getting a sewing machine from my mother …. I have always wanted my own, and other things have always taken priority … it is a very basic one … that I plan on using to make lots of crafty things …. I have also spent the last 10 years of my life collecting material and had grand designs for each …. time to get sewing and “making” …. I will have to try my hand at some of the things like this felt dot garland …..
    Armidale has a very “woolly”, “sheepy” reputation ….. I am hoping to get some pointers on felting ….

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