With three more nights sleep until we move from Prospect Park West, we are getting down to the nitty gritty of packing. Which is something we are all helping with in our own ways. Elle likes to help take the things out of the boxes after I put them in, and Maya likes to tape and label the boxes. Cam likes to put any old thing in any old box with out rhyme or reason. Why not put the desk lamp in with the Christmas ornaments?

I am in a haze of fatigue and a little overwhelmed by my chores, but still can feel the undercurrent of excitement that will no doubt bubble to the ¬†surface the day we walk through the door of our new vacant home. Then the fun begins. Exploring our new neighbourhood.¬†Decorating the girls room, putting everything in its place, and making new purchases! I am looking forward to finding that ‘settled’ feeling once again…

3 thoughts on “Packing

  1. good luck with the move kirst! It can be sooo overwhelming but once you are settled there is no better feeling than being ‘home’.

    PS. Maya’s handwriting is so good! xx

  2. Exploring your new neighbourhood and settling into your new home are going to be fantastic fun for you, Cam and the girls! …. a change is as good as a holiday! ……

  3. All the best for the move, nothing like a fresh start to energise and inspire! I love that Maya write’s “Mummy”, you can take the girl out of Australia…. x

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