Dub Pies

With the end of Maya’s Ballet season I have to commemorate Dub Pies. This small corner savoury pie shop owned by a New Zealand-er (hence the name) is a favorite place to visit. We love Dub Pies! For the past year we have been going there on Saturday mornings after ballet. With no more Ballet for three months, we will be sure to make trips to Windsor Terrace for their spinach and Cheese rolls. Maya, Elle, Cam and I alike devour the flaky salty, dark leaf packed roll. I am always pleased the girls look forward to spinach! Dud pies is is one of the few places I buy a latte from as they use organic (hormone free) milk. Upon entering the quirky place you get a sense of the ethical underpinnings, with hand made signs saying Fair Trade and Sustainable, and Organic. Nothing allows me enjoy a meal or beverage more than these key words! A big thanks for Dub Pies for making such yummy food and being good Kiwi blokes too!

One thought on “Dub Pies

  1. YUM! I can’t go past a cheese and spinach treat either such a good way to get those greens into them- even if it is cased in flaky pastry! That photo of Cam just blew me away with how much he and Maya look alike! Amazing!!

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