Room For Two

Our recent house move coincided with Elle being old enough for her own bed and so for the first time we configured their room with twin beds. Buying them matching twin beds, to me was significant of their special bond of sisterhood. I can only imagine what it will be like for them to grow up having a best friend right there. Always having someone to tell secrets to, to play with, and to share clothes with. Elle is feeling very special to have her own bed, just like Maya’s. Maya is loving jumping from bed to bed, a thing we have quickly (sadly) put a stop to! Otherwise, you know who else will be trying to do it too!

2 thoughts on “Room For Two

  1. Hi Kirsten!
    How are the girls doing in the same room? We are about to move Oliver from his cot in his own room into a big-boy bed in with his brother … hopefully so they can also share a special bond like your girls! I am a bit concerned about how nights will pan out once Oliver realises he can escape from his bed unassisted :)Your new house looks lovely, I hope you are all settled in there now.
    x Melissa

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