Little Purse

Maya came to me and said “I want to sew Mummy”. It had been a while since she had said this, and so I said “Ok”. We went to the craft cuppboard and I dragged out the scrap felt box. “What would you like to make?” I asked. Maya started rummaging throught the small pieces of felt, picked up a baby pink piece and said “I want to make Daddy a vest”. She then held it up to Cam and said “Do you like this colour Daddy?”.

We sat down on the floor and after a few moments she said “I don’t think any of these pieces are big enough, we need more felt”. I was impressed that she deducted proportion and that we could not make Daddy a pink felt vest today….Her sewing project then took on a new direction as I suggested we make a purse. A purse is the perfect starter project for a young sewer. I recall making one myself. Maya did a very fine job of sewing, with my guidance, she actually sewed proper stitches. Making sure they were very neat. I recall her sewing projects of last Autumn and now, being a year older sure does make a difference. Whilst sewing Maya could be heard saying (numerous times)….”I am really good at sewing now!” I was so happy for her, and proud of myself too for teaching her the skills to be able to create this little purse.

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  1. I used to make little purses out of felt when I was three or four. I would sew the edges with wool and a big needle. But they were not as pretty as Maya’s as we only had brown felt and no flowers.

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