To Market, To Market

The Dtimas Park Farmers Market is held on Sunday Mornings along Cortelyou Road, starting at Westminster Street. This is very close to our home and so I have started going there weekly. The Children love to come with me as they know there is a good chance of getting a treat. We go straight to the bakers for fresh bread, which is where the girls get to nibble on a yummy baked sample. We then peruse the fresh produce. To our delight, today there was pumpkins for sale, representing the beginning of the Autumnal season. Maya asked to buy one, and so we bought two! We also picked up some Fall flower pots to brighten the coming Fall days. The annual street Fair was being set up on Cortelyou this morning and so we were able to walk down the middle of the road home.

2 thoughts on “To Market, To Market

  1. Hi Dana,
    How are you?! Lovely to hear from you, we would love to see you again soon…one of these days. Come on over to Ditmas!

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