Glass Jar Lanterns

Here is another lantern option beside the paper lantern variety I have been making. We made these today with glass jars, tissue paper and glue. They are a lovely colourful, very simple lantern to make, especially simple for children. The tissue paper can be cut or torn and then applied with glue to the bottle. I used sobo craft glue.  I wanted to make patterns on the lanterns so I cut the paper in circles, strips and squares to create three different looking lanterns. I also made a little one that has hand drawn toadstools on it. Once the jars were completely covered in tissue paper I turned them upside down to dry on the heater. Tomorrow I will attach the wire around rims of the jars so that they can be hung of sticks to be carried in Sunday’s Lantern Walk.

14 thoughts on “Glass Jar Lanterns

  1. HEllo, So glad you found my tutorial useful – thank you for linking my project to your post.

  2. What an awesome idea. We are going to use a round rose bowl and orange and black tissue to make a pumpkin-then my daughter and I can fill it with orange flowers or a mini-light to create a lantern. My daughter can hardly wait to try it.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Your welcome, thank you for writing! I am currently working on some more glass jar lanterns for my daughter’s black cat birthday party, which is right around halloween! Will post photos when we are done! Thanks for sharing your idea.

  4. Hi – We are going to do a neighborhood version of the lantern walk this weekend. These lanterns are easy to make but I am wondering how did you make the wire handles? What type of wire did you use?

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