Brrrrrrrrrr….it has gotten cold, and maybe we are sensitive from being sick, but really today was chilly. In the shade, and in the wind we needed coats, hats, scarves and even gloves! The Girls and I spent two hours in the park this afternoon while Cam whittled away a freelance job at home. It has been two weeks since we were last in the park to play and my how the weather has changed. Some trees have dropped all their leaves completely and the temperature of today made me feel like Winter was knocking at Autumn’s door. I loved bundling the Girls up in the cold weather accessories, they looked so cute and colouful. Wearing winter coasts for the first time, all fresh from the Dry Cleaners. Digging out tiny mittens from pockets and taking that deep breath of patience needed to put each little finger in each hole…..ahhh Winter…we know you are near.

One thought on “Brrrrrrrrrr

  1. Sad we are missing all the colourful activities, the more so having visited. The lanterns look beautiful. Not reeeeally missing the cold, though. Today we had lunch in the sun with Michael, Dee and Jacobi, the first warm Canberra day, and our first warm day anywhere, for a few weeks. But if it is going to be cold it should be COLD, with icicles and snow sledding so the best it to come.

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