Nativity Scene

Last year Grandma and Grandpop gave us some pieces to the Holtziger Nativity Scene for Christmas. I bought a few more pieces to add to it. While John and Lynne were here I  rummaged through the Christmas decoration boxes to locate the Nativity set to show them. They had not seen it in person and so I wanted to get it out to show them the quality of the hand carved and hand painted  figurines. The moment I sat the box on the floor, the Girls eagerly opened it. To store it I had wrapped each piece in tissue paper and so excitedly the Girls unwrapped them. Maya was very pleased to locate baby Jesus, which I am sure in time will turn from white to tan from being lovingly handled. This year is our first year to set it all up and play with it in the weeks leading up to Christmas. As last night Maya and I went to the Christmas Spectacular, marking the beginning of the holiday season,  I thought that today was a good day to set up the Nativity set. I am so happy to see it sitting on our shelf! It is a beautiful seasonal toy that we will enjoy very much for the next two months.

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