Dylan’s Candy

As promised, today I took the Girls to a candy store. This promise was a soothing method for Maya when I told her she was too sick for trick-or-treating. New York City has some great candy stores, but one in particular I had heard about was Dylan’s Candy Bar, created by the daughter of American Fashion Designer Ralph Lauren. The store is bright and colourful with funky candy sculptures and displays and really is a delightful place to go if you love candy. I actually don’t love candy, and other than a milko’s from the pie shop, I do not buy the Girls candy so today was a special occasion. As you can imagine the Girls were excited when we entered the shop – three levels of every imaginable candy from all over the world. On the top floor there is a cafe that sells ice cream sundaes, smores, cup cakes, cookies, milkshakes, hot chocolate and many other sweet indulgences.

I gave Maya a pail that she could fill with whatever she wanted, Elle of course helped too. Around and round they went, filling the little bucket. It was a set price to fill the bucket (an expensive – $15) and so we packed as much into it as we could. Maya then had a chocolate dipped marshmallow from the chocolate fountain, which she thought was divine! It was a really a fun outing for the Girls, and in our case, a great candy source substitute in lieu of Halloween.

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