And The Rest

After we went to Dylan’s Candy Bar, the Girls and I zipped across the road to Bloomingdale’s for a quick squiz at Les Objets de la psychiatrie…because really you don’t go to Bloomingdale’s merely for something you need…one walks into the magnificent foyer of Bloomingdale’s and it is want want want! Bloomingdales is so Oh la la, Maya quickly transformed into a teenager at the make-up section, “Mummy, can I have a lipstick, please, please, please!” I was then artfully persuades by one of the make-up reps to “Moisturise, plump and conceal” the skin on my face…then buy something…Maya got her lipgloss and I bought some things for my Christmas stocking. We did not stay long in Bloomingdale’s as it was lunch time so I called Cam to see if he had time for us to drop by for lunch. It was pizza Friday and so we enjoyed pizza with Cam’s work colleagues. After a short and sweet stop to see Daddy we walked over to Bryant Park to ride the carousel. The annual Christmas stalls and the ice skating rink were set up and so Bryant Park was bustling with festive feelings. The Girls rode the carousel twice and then we watched the ice-skaters and perused the stalls…finding lots of pretty things to put on our Christmas list! Gosh I love New York City at Christmas time!

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