Tree Skirt

Here is the tree skirt that I made for the Girl’s Christmas tree. Some of you may recall I actually made the majority of the tree skirt last Christmas…then this week when I dragged out the Christmas boxes I was inspired to work on it further. We have a felt dot garland that floats around the Girls bedroom being used for various play and randomly I lay it upon the tree skirt and liked how it looked. I then decided to add a rainbow dot circumference so went to work cutting out more felt circles. The Girls and I sewed them on today! Look how bright and colourful it looks! It was a really fun project, choosing which colour circle to put on next…it was also very easy…as always I had two great helpers.

One thought on “Tree Skirt

  1. How lovely this is! The second thing I thought was “Hey, you can spell “Tree Skirt” with the letters in Kirsten’s first and last name!” haha! Happy beginning of the holiday season to all…

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