Christmas Cards

Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to start making Christmas cards. Christmas cards are a thing that I love to do, but if I do not get them made in the first two weeks of December, then it wont happen and I rush out and spending an uninspired $20 on store bought cards. I have to consider the extra 10 days of postage time needed this time of season to get to Family in Australia and so need to have them in the post soon! I am off to a good start this year with a dozen cards made today. With the help from my two little artists this is what we did…

I decided on a simple Christmas tree image and made a stencil for Maya to trace the image onto a small rectangle of Speedy-cut. I then cut out the tree shape and detailed the tree with line texture. I used a a printmaking carving tool and a matt knife. We then applied ink to the tree stamp via a brayer…and stamped away! After the trees were dry I cut out a couple of present shapes and stamped gifts beneath the tree. We used speedball water based ink and so it was very easy to clean the stamps, roller and little hands.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. They look great! The stamping is a lot easier when you need to make a ton of cards.
    Thank you for providing the link for the carving block! I can’t seem to find them in stores and I stumbled on your blog while googling for christmas card ideas.
    Have a Merry Christmas:)

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