Picking A Tree

Today was Christmas tree day..YIPEE! This is one of my favorite days of the year. I am a little Christmas crazy and look forward to tree day with much enthusiasm. If you were in our house this morning you would have heard me saying, “Elle, we get our Christmas tree today!”…and then a little while later..”Maya, we get our Christmas tree today!”…and then shortly after that…”Daddy, we get our Christmas tree today!”. I think you get the picture…I don’t stop talking about it until…

We bought our tree from the same place as last year. From Windswept Farm in Vermont who kindly set up their magnificent trees on 16th street between Prospect Park West and 10th avenue. This is just around the corner from Terrace Dance where Maya does Ballet, so it was the plan to collect Maya, go to The Pie Shop, and then to choose a tree.

We are happy supporters of Windswept Farm and gladly paid $70 for the tree we chose (we also gave them a tip of $15 as farming is hard work). One of the benefits of buying from the hands that planted is to show your appreciation. Along with the tree we bought some of the maple syrup, in a glass bottle for $7. I think this is the best spot to buy a Christmas tree in Brooklyn, the trees are very fresh, and I really like the quirkiness of the hand painted signs. Little things like this make me feel that this loving personal quality transfers into making the the trees extra special. I took photos of their signs, one of which is had to read, said this:

Happy Holidays! Our trees are organically grown on the steep hillsides of Vermont s Northeast Kingdom. Each year we replant more trees than we harvest thus we maintain the ecological diversity that makes the Kingdom a beautiful place for man and beast. May peace be with you all.

If you have not bought your tree yet, then I recommend to go here!

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