Oh Christmas Tree

You can see how happy  I am to decorate the Christmas tree…just beaming! I had two adorable little helpers which is always delightful and eventful! Elle went from one ‘helpful’ thing to the next. First hanging the lights, into a tangled clump. Then she put all the ornaments on the tree in one spot. Her next move was to lay on the floor and play with them which led to her being a puppy dog carrying the ornaments around in her mouth. Maya was incredibly excited and would not take no for an answer when it came to her ‘dancing’ with the hand blown glass ornaments. I had to put a stop to it and sadly Maya got sent to her room for not listening…but returned in time to put the angel tree topper on. As is the usual there were a few casualties…one of our China dolls (That Grandma bought from China) lost her leg and a glass bauble smashed. When we were done, we stood back  and admired our work. Our tree looks so very festive and smells amazing. I think this is the most beautiful tree we have ever had…but I say that every year! Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, thou tree most fair and lovely…

One thought on “Oh Christmas Tree

  1. All year I look forward to see what you and your family are doing for xmas – and especially love seeing what decorates your xmas tree!! BTW – thanks for the gingerbread man recipe!!

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