Carriage Ride In Central Park

My dear Friend Larissa and her daughter Jazzie arrived in new York on Wednesday night. We did not waste a second and started the whirlwind tour of NYC the very next day. Our first activity was to ride in a horse drawn carriage through Central Park. A lovely thing to do any time of year. Even in the cold of winter, if was fun as we had big cozy blankets over our knees to keep us warm. We felt like princess (except Maya) who declared that a real princess would have a roof over her carriage…true true. All the same it was a fun ride!

The standard carriage ride through Central Park costs $50 plus tip for the first 20 minutes (per carriage, not per person).  Every additional 10 minutes in the carriage is $20 more. Things seen on the tour include: The Wollman Rink, Pond, Zoo, Sheep Meadow, Mall (statues), Dairy (tourist information center), the Carousel and the Dakota (where the former Beatle John Lennon lived). Approximate distance of the ride is .75 miles.

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  1. Thank you for such a fabulous time dear Kirst!! Jazzie and I are having a ball experiencing NYC with you, Maya, and Elle belle! It is a precious chunk of time for us my dear friend!! And, yes, the Eloise room was the perfect haven from the bitter cold that had set in after our carriage ride through Central Park….it most certainly called for a visit to The Plaza!!!

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