Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Strolling along 5th avenue between 60th and 50th streets at Christmas time is a lot of fun. The stores and buildings are decorated in the most fancy ways imaginable. Windows have story book like installations that attract throngs of viewers. I like to walk the 10 blocks downtown from Central Park to the Rockefeller Plaza at 50th street and take in the festivities. The pavement is teaming with shoppers and site seers reveling in Christmas in New York City. Seeing the Rockefeller tree lit up during the holiday season is one of my favorite Christmas activities. The scale of the tree, the thousands of lights twinkling and the impressive surroundings make it awe-inspiring. A wave of Christmas cheer floods over me and I have to pinch myself…here I am standing in Rockefeller plaza in New York City at Christmas time! This year especially wonderful with Larissa, Jazzie¬†and my two Girls by my side. Elle was so impressed by the tree being old enough this time to understand the grandeur…the moment it came into sight, Elle said “Look at the big Christmas tree Mummy. Look at the big tree!”. Of everyone Elle was the most enthusiastic about it…followed next by Larissa who was overcome with the romanticism of it all and longed to share it with her husband CJ also. Christmas in New York really¬†is so special.

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