Walking into the Eloise rooms was like walking into pink heaven. A reading room, a powder room, a dressing room, and a tea room off a large main room, all of which were decorated in the girliest of girl pinks. The Girls were delighted by the space that seemed like it had been designed just for them! Like bees to honey they explored the rooms and all the objects, fitting right in dressed of course in PINK!

I will quickly mention here that Eloise is a book, written in 1955. It is a story of a Girl who is six, who lives at The Plaza Hotel. I had heard about the Eloise painting at the Plaza, but had no idea about the Eloise rooms…It was a complete surprise to discover the beautiful fun space that was a perfect escape from the cold.┬áThe Elosie rooms are on the Food Court floor of The Plaza. Many people visit the Plaza just to see the painting of Eloise that hangs in the main foyer. Two years after the first Eloise book’s publication, a painting by Hilary Knight was hung in the lobby of the hotel. Generations of mothers bring daughters or grandmothers bring granddaughters to the hotel to see the portrait or go to the Palm Court to have tea. We really enjoyed hanging out in the pink haven. Maya played the harp, Elle played the piano, we had a tea party and we read Eloise books…and watch some of the Eloise at Christmas movie.

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