Boxing Day Blizzard

Here in NYC we are in the midst of a Boxing Day blizzard! The snow started falling at about 11am this morning and it is predicted to snow all night. With approximately 16-18 inches of snow expected we are looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning to the thick white blanket of snow. The Blizzard is in full effect with big fat snowflakes floating gently to the ground. I love the feeling of the snow as it lands on your skin like a gentle kiss. It is so pretty to watch the wind catch the flakes and bluster them into a tizzy. Wishing everyone safe, happy and fun snow days!

3 thoughts on “Boxing Day Blizzard

  1. Oh Look at the size of your beautiful smile! Looks just amazing! I have had the joy of 2 white Christmas seasons… your photos show just how magical it feels to dance in the snow as only an Aussie girl can! x Merry Christmas!

  2. Happy New Year Donna, to you and your Family. I have heard there has been much rain. I hope the sun shine soon!
    Kirsten xo

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