Wet Felting

With the new found skill of needle felting I have quickly acquired lots of wool roving to felt with. Having the beautiful wool sitting around the house means my eye is always out for felting inspiration. While visiting my friend Faith recently, she was making these little felt balls. Faith┬ávery much enjoyed the needle felting lessons we both attended and went on to do a e-course on wet felting. I too thought it would be great to make these balls and so with ample wool the Girls and I set out to make them. The Girls enjoyed the set up process of warm soapy water and then sat through the making of two balls each. Both found it a little tricky to master a perfect round ball, but I am sure in a few years they will be able to do it with ease. It take a little time to make each ball, and you will get water logged fingers…as you will see I got soggy wrinkles! I am not sure what I am going to do with the colourful balls, but here are the results of our first wet felting efforts…

Most of the balls are one solid colour, but a few I tried to needle felt bands of another colour onto them. I found this did not work so well as the wet felted balls were too dense for my felting needle to penetrate. The few balls that I did needle felted bands of colour onto I threaded onto sting and made a Christmas ornament. I then made some wet felted yarn like strands that I wrapped around one of the balls and tied. I loved how this looked. I only made one like this as it took a while…I would like to do more and will get to the rest another day! I also liked the felted strand coiled, which I thought would make a great coaster. So much to do, so little time!

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