Ice Ornaments

I have seen a few variations of this idea around lately and thought it would be a fun one to do with the Girls…given that it is currently -7˚C (yes, minus seven degrees Celsius!). Freezing water into ice ornaments could not be easier! I added my own touch to the project by including the wooden beads. I thought this made it more colourful and gave the thread an anchor. I wish I had had a funky shaped ice cube tray with stars or hearts or something…but non the less these basic cubes are fun. Good old food dye entertainment! What would I do without food dye? I seem to involve it is a lot of our activities. We can see our ice ornaments hanging on the branch from the bedroom window, we will see how long they last and what becomes of the shapes…our science lesson for the week!

One thought on “Ice Ornaments

  1. What a great idea!! Although .. in our summer heatwave, coloured ice cubes wouldn’t last very long! I’ll have to keep that one in reserve for colder months!

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