This past week we did some ‘extensions’ on Barbie’s house. It has now taken over the whole 8 cubbies of the expidit shelf. 6 cubbies for Barbie’s home and the top two for the baskets holding the clothes and accessories. We now have 3 bedrooms, a nursery, a dinning room, a bathroom and in the annex there is the kitchen, living room, and patio. It has been a lot of fun setting up our miniature house! We have collected things from all over the place. We even have skate board that was from Cam’s smurfs when he was a boy! Maya takes great care in arranging the pieces and likes to put each and every bit in a particular place. I love how she turned the barbie bookcase into a shoe rack…neatly placing all the shoes…that is my Girl! You can see in one of the photos the pink bedspread, pillow and throw cushion I made…so fancy! Barbie is really keeping us busy…

2 thoughts on “Extensions

  1. I love that Barbie has a lap top sitting at the end of her bed … you guys look like you have had lots of fun putting it together and it is great seeing that little things can come from anywhere and everywhere (and don’t always come via a Barbie promoted pack!)

  2. I am sure you enjoy the world of play with your children also..it is so engaging. I love being a ‘child’ again, with my children! It was lovely to see your Brother’s wedding photos…what a special day for you all!

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