Applesauce By Candlelight

I am all about small pleasures, and about finding joy in the little things in life. I am also a fan of doing the same old things just a bit differently sometime…for example…eating breakfast in a cubby house, or having a bubble bath with food dye in it, or making apple sauce at bedtime by candle light…It does not really matter what it is, but if it is something you do the same every day, then turn it up-side-down and do it a tad differently…just for fun! During the long Winter months indoors, I need a light heart and imagination to keep my soul shining. The children respond so well to these little things…and they are great at thinking of what to do next!

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One thought on “Applesauce By Candlelight

  1. Candlelight has the amazing ability to calm them too … what a great idea to do things just a little differently ….

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