Feather & Heart headbands

We are planning a little Valentines party. By little I mean for little people! In preparation for the soiree, today we started making feather and heart headbands. I love doing a project like this, working with the colours, and seeing them together, all similar, but each different. I worked on cutting the hearts out of felt, while Elle sat and painted paper hearts for our mobile. Maya then joined us to put the hearts together. I have to buy some elastic to complete them and then will have one of my ‘models’ to try them on! I made one for each of Maya’s friends in her playgroup class…I hope everyone can come!

One thought on “Feather & Heart headbands

  1. I love the idea of having a valentines party for the little ones Kirsten! – as adults we sometimes get all caught up in the exchange ourselves (or for those of us who are single and don’t have an adult to share this with, we don’t celebrate it at all!) …. I am inspired to share the day with my own kids now!!!! Thanks 🙂

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