Just like Spring

Yesterday we were blessed with a Spring-like Winters day. A drastic change from the cold snowy days we have had plenty of. The sun came out and with it, blue skies and warmth enough to melt the enormous mounds of snow. We shed our coats and played in the park all day, climbing, swinging, riding the scooters, counting the ducks, and building fairy houses. After months of freezing frigid weather, the 19˚C (66˚F) was a sheer joy. The deprivation of warmth and light really has an effect. It is like the body forgets how balmy days feel, and then by magic they return and it feels so good! I have really come to appreciate the seasons, and how this day and age when one can often have what you want when you want it, the weather shapes our existence, our bodies, our feelings with an uncontrollable change. By living in New York, we are forced to go without the warmth and green throughout Winter, and then we have the magnificent experience of the spring, it is a sensational revelry. Yesterday was a brief taste of Spring, giving us so much to look forward to. Sadly it was an anomaly and today it is again cold and windy and once again the temperature has plummeted to Wintry lows…I am savoring the good feelings with the knowing that it is not long now until spring blossoms.

3 thoughts on “Just like Spring

  1. What a beautiful entry! I have been exitedly awaiting the cooler evenings just so I can snuggle under blankets instead of sprawling out under the fan on full blast haha! Reading this, I could almost feel the cool breezes on their way! Your girls are just so gorgeous Kirsten, and I can’t get over how much Elle looks like you now!

  2. Gorgeous photos Kirsten! I watched the photos with Alicia Keys “New York” playing which made them even better!

  3. I’m thinking that Mel’s idea above of having “New York” playing in the background while browsing your blog would provide just the right sensory accompaniment …. I love reading about and viewing your adventures with the girls (and sometimes Cam!) …. we sometimes dream about joining you!!

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