Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Ahhh…..the good old Brooklyn Children’s Museum! Well, it is not old actually it open in 2009 and so not yet two years old. This was only our third time going to the Museum, and while it is still a really fantastic Museum, that is very well cared for I noted on this visit it is not what it was when it opened. I can imagine it is difficult and costly for a Children’s Museum to stay in full flourish and so my judgement is not on those that maintain the establishment, but on those that use it. It is so important for Children to have respect while in places like this. Not to steal, not to break…and not to make too much of a mess! Largely I am sure things happen by accident…Lila ‘accidentally’ left with a butterfly wing, and Jacob ‘accidentally’ tipped the sand all over the floor…and so while my Children would be culprits as much as the next, I think it is a great lesson for visitors to be mindful of the value public museums. The Museum is large, and colourful and filled with natural light, and is built in such a way that it showcases diverse geography, society and culture. The sun was streaming in the the windows, making it seem so bright and warm and the Girls ran from the river, to the garden to the beach…then went to China, Mexico and the Carribien…Making it an action packed Winters day.

I took the Girls to the Museum to escape the Winter blues, and I desperately needed a parental ‘break’ but to be honest with myself I really had to work just as hard while at the museum – out of respect for the museum, so that it remains an awesome place to visit. I quickly ditched all ideas of reading a magazine while the Girls explored, and joined them in the enthralling activities. Having visited the museum before, I knew to pack a spare set of clothes. Maya and Elle love water play, the the museum has numerous water play exhibits. The Girls can play in water for the longest time, but should a drop of water reach Maya’s clothing then obsessively she requires (demands, stomps and pulls at the clothes) a dry change (thus these photos show Maya in two different outfits). Beyond the water play, we enjoyed the animals. The Museum has a good collection of both live and taxidermy animals. Would you believe it is home to an anaconda! We happened to be in the right place at the right time and Maya got to help feed some of the animals. Maya was beyond fascinated, with no fear. “Can I hold it?” she said about the green Basilisk lizard….and…”Can I feed the spider?” she said about the tarantula. Maya was not allowed to do either of these things, but she did get to stroke the lizard, and catch the escaped crickets for it’s meal, and she had front row seats for the spider. We spent 4 hours in the Museum, and only left when Elle was worn out, at $7:50 each (yearly family pass $85) it is money well spent!

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