Spring Garden

Today we commenced work on our Spring Garden. We have noticed on our walks around the neighborhood that the bulb shoots are popping out of the soil, determined to grow into Spring flowers. The green shoots are such a welcome sight. Yippee, Spring is not far away!

When I was working on the Summer garden, the owner of our house Pam said that there were some bulbs in the garden that flower in Spring. I did not come across any bulbs while digging throughout Summer but thought I would prepare the garden for Spring just in case. I went to work removing the layer of mulch leaves to help the bulbs see the light of day. To my delight I uncovered a few bent shoots buried under the weight. They will grow straight now, much happier not to have to push through the mat of leaves. I then turned the top layer of soil, loosening the dense dirt to encourage growth. To the delight of Maya and Elle I uncovering lots of our garden friends, snails and worms. As we are new to bulb planting, without knowing, the Girls and I missed out on planting bulbs in Fall and so I decided that despite it being the end of Winter I would try planting some bulbs anyway. We went to the store and bought 15 bulbs. I planted some in the garden and some in pots, and if the cold weather hangs around for another six week or so, they should still flower. We will see what happens? As I said, planting bulbs is new to me, and so after a little research and some digging, we now have a Spring garden underway.

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