Toadstool House

With only a few weeks of Winter left, I thought I had better get felting. I know that with the warmer weather my feelings to felt diminish, and will not be back until the woolly season returns once again. I have had a few felt projects in mind, one of which was this little toadstool house. I made it in two sittings, of about an hour each. I started with the red top and next went to work on the base. I then needle felted them together. I love how it turned out and that it can be easily pressed flat to store away…fun to have a new item for our imaginative play!

2 thoughts on “Toadstool House

  1. I just found your website – all of your felting crafts have inspired me to try it myself! I absolultely love this little fairy and the toadstool house, I aspire to be able to make something like this for my own little girl!

  2. Oh thank you, so glad you were inspired! There are so many wonderful things to make, blogs are great for sharing ideas! I appreciate you taking the time to write! xx

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